Generation Y and Z at Work | Claire Madden on Sky News with Peter Switzer

How can we effectively engage Gen Y and Gen Z at work? Peter Switzer interviews Claire Madden on Sky News to unpack these new generations at work. Claire Madden was interviewed by Peter Switzer on Sky News to [...]

Introducing Generation Z and Social Media

  Generation Z are not only the students of today but are increasingly entering the workforce.   Generation Z, born 1995-2009, are today's generation of students - however they are increasingly entering the workforce. They have been born into a [...]

Job flexibility over job security: generations at work

Job flexibility over job security Job mobility and the emerging generations: In the past we've had more ladders, and people were more thinking job or career for life, whereas that's no longer the way the emerging generations tend to approach [...]

The 4C’s of Effective Communication

What is communication? Communication is incredibly powerful. It shapes our lives, relationships, businesses, organisations, communities and our society.  Communication is far more than just the words we use – it’s the context of what is said, the tone, the purpose, [...]

Crowdsourcing & the collaborative community

Embracing the power of the collaborative community: It is no longer what an organisation says about itself, but what the community says about it which now matters. Therefore brands and organisations that are engaging effectively are those that are creating [...]

Preparing for the workforce of 2025: Engaging new generations

By 2025, 64% of our workforce will comprise of Generations Y and Z. We are on the brink of significant intergenerational change in our workplaces. Generation Z, born 1995-2009 currently make up less than 1 in 10 workers. However they’ll comprise [...]

Future Proofing Your Career | Claire Madden on the Today Show

5 million Australian jobs, that's 40% of our workforce, will be threatened by computerisation in the next 10-15 years. A recent CEDA report identifies that 5 million Australian jobs, that’s 40% of our workforce, will be threatened [...]

Strategic planning workshops with Claire Madden & Paul Henderson

In times of rapid technological advancements, demographic shifts, generational transitions, global connectivity and social change, organisations need to clearly define their purpose and navigate the ever-changing consumer landscape effectively through a current and clear strategic plan. At Hello Clarity [...]

Learning with technology: 21st century classrooms

The emerging generations are saturated with technology... how do we ensure that technology in classrooms is a help and not a hindrance? Technology pervades nearly all aspects of our 21st century lives. Our calendars, communication, planning, recreation and memory making are seamlessly [...]

The 5 building blocks of an organisation

A consistent organisational voice begins with clarifying purpose and priorities - that is, why we exist and what we value. From here, we can start to analyse products, processes, and people – what we do, how we do it, [...]

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