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Crowdsourcing & the collaborative community

Embracing the power of the collaborative community: It is no longer what an organisation says about itself, but what the community says about it which now matters. Therefore brands and organisations that are engaging effectively are those that are creating opportunities for co-creation, contribution and collaboration from the boarder network. Social media platforms, blogs and other online forums provide the collaborative community an opportunity to create and vote on the content they approve of.  Consumers are empowered in an unprecedented way – now having the power to shape brands, companies, and sway public opinion. We are living in an era of user-generated content which is created and shared by the collaborative community.  This is facilitated through the breadth of connections and the ease of creating content and sharing across platforms. Examples of brands embracing the input from the collaborative community include: Advertising: such as Doritos ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ campaign – the largest online video contest where people create ads for Doritos. Branding: such as the Boaty McBoatface naming campaign - In an attempt to engage the broader community in collaboration, The Natural Environment Research Council in Britain took to the polls to let the people decide the name of their new £200 million polar research ship. The most popular vote, receiving 124,109 endorsements was “RSS Boaty McBoatface”, receiving nearly 90,000 more votes than the second choice.  The government are now faced with the challenge of navigating the opinions of the engaged crowds as they now determine whether they will adopt the name or decide on a more traditional and conservative name for this research ship, running the risk of losing the goodwill that the campaign has generated. Product development: such as Lego Ideas – where [...]

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