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The 4C’s of Effective Communication

What is communication? Communication is incredibly powerful. It shapes our lives, relationships, businesses, organisations, communities and our society.  Communication is far more than just the words we use – it’s the context of what is said, the tone, the purpose, the intentionality, non-verbal cues and the consistency of how we communicate which shapes the bigger picture. Communication always involves the “sender” and the “receiver”.  Effective communication is measured by how closely the “receiver” understands the message the “sender” was intending.  However we are always shaping and analysing messages we receive through our own lens, through our own worldview – and there is also interference which gets in between a message being encoded by the sender and understood by the receiver.  In our increasingly busy lives we are constantly interrupted with information and constant messages, so more than ever before, being intentional and effective with our communication is critical.     The 4C's of effective communication: When communicating there are 4 key areas to consider: Context Context is about who we are communicating to and understanding what our relationship and role is to that person or group of people.  Context also involves reflecting on the larger environment and background of the relationship – this will affect tone, words used, how formal or informal our communication is. Cause Cause involves considering why we are communicating.  What is the purpose of this communication?  What are we trying to achieve?  Are we wanting to inspire? Motivate? Educate? Inform? Clarity Clarity involves understanding around what we are really trying to say.  What is the message we really want our audience to hear and understand?  Are we saying that in the most effective and efficient way? We can often assume people have [...]

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