Characteristics of a collaborative team

Collaboration is key to cohesion and innovation in our workplaces. What are some of the signs that a team is collaborating effectively?
Hallmarks of effective collaboration include:
  • Mutual interdependence: Participants should all have a mutual interest in and care for one another.
  • Shared successes: If someone scores a goal, the whole team celebrate and are celebrated and share in the enjoyment of it.
  • Shared challenges: If a team member is facing a significant challenge, work load, problem, or issue – others don’t watch from a distance but take it on together.
  • Personal value: each person is encouraged to grow and become better at what they do so that they can contribute more to the shared environment. Each part is distinct, each with his or her own place and function. But each part and person finds its meaning and value when connected to the whole. How can we value what each person brings to the whole in addition to salary? Valuing people involves creating a day-to-day experience of work where people can derive meaning and satisfaction and find enjoyment from their work.
  • Significance together: No matter how significant an individual may be, it is only because of what they are a part of. Significance is found in being part of something bigger than yourself.
  • Integration over separation: Rather than siloed, piecemeal, separate zones where people may independently be able to call their own shots, there is a respect and understanding that changes in one area affect others – therefore an integrated approach that values communication with the other parts is essential.
  • Trust based: Requires putting own agendas aside to work together for common cause, purpose, mission – a uniting vision.

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