5 Keys to Cut-Through

5 Keys to Cut-Through

Here are five easy ways to help your brand grab attention and inspire action.

Today’s Context

We are living in an era of information saturation. The key challenge for organisations of all sizes, is for their communications to cut-through all of the noise, and inspire action in their customers, staff and partners. This white paper explores five key lessons to achieve cutthrough, sourced from my interaction with leading organisations that consistently do this well.

The new normal: Globally, on a daily basis, we are:

  • Seeking information through 6 billion Google searches
  • Communicating through 4.3 billion Facebook messages and 500 million Tweets
  • Uploading 4 million hours of content to Youtube.

From the moment we wake, we are scrolling social media platforms, receiving push notifications interrupting our momentary focus from the 2 million apps we can access on our smartphones. An incomprehensible amount of content is consistently being generated online by the global community. We’re living in an exciting era, unprecedented in the opportunities we have to connect and communicate with a global network of customers, consumers and even co-workers. The way we access information is dynamic, intuitive, seemingly organic, and from multiple channels somewhat seamlessly. From the more traditional approaches marketers have gained our precious attention (from television ads to radio, billboards and print media), to apps, social media platforms, websites, blogs and other community generated content, to Google algorithms guiding our content consuming path. It can feel that we are bombarded with information and messaging from the moment we wake til when we put our devices down to catch some sleep.

Getting Cut-through5 keys to cut through cover

At Hello Clarity we have written a free white paper on how to achieve cut through and how you can get the attention of and inspiring action in your chosen audience through your communication. Getting cut-through in these times of information overload requires intentionality and commitment to these 5 keys:

1. CLARITY – Know who you are.

2. SIMPLICITY – Remove the complexity.

3. CONSISTENCY – Say it again.

4. CREATIVITY – Be different.

5. RELEVANCY – In with the new.

Regardless of aim, whether it be a new product launch, a change in strategic direction or your next fundraising campaign, intentionally considering each of these keys will increase the value and success of your communication.

Free Whitepaper

The full free whitepaper is available for download here.



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