Keys to Attract, Engage & Retain Generation Z at Work

Keys to Attract, Engage & Retain Generation Z at Work

Generation Z are not only the students of today, but are increasingly entering the workforce, so knowing how to attract, engage and retain top talent in this emerging generation is essential.  Engaging with a generation who have had their formative years shaped among rapidly changing technologies, global communication platforms and in an entertainment saturated environment has shaped their approach and perspective towards work.  

Keys to Attract, Engage & Retain Gen Z at Work:

Here are keys that will help organisations and employers to attract engage and retain Gen Z: 

  1. Attract with STORY – what is your brand story or your employer value proposition?  In order to attract Gen Z to the workforce, the brand story of your company must be clear and enticing. Gen Z will be attracted to a cause they can invest in, and so it is important to communicate the ‘why’ of your organisation, and it is important to do so succinctly. The ‘why’ will include factors such as the core purpose, vision, mission, and values of the organisation.
  2. Engage with CULTUREYou create employee engagement through shaping your culture.  Culture is invisible yet incredibly powerful, and is largely shaped by your organisations values.  Gen Zs are looking for a workplace community.  A place where they feel a sense of belonging, a culture which is relational, a role that has variety and where the leadership is empowering.  
  3. Retain through DEVELOPMENT – Gen Z have been told from the youngest age that they are full of potential, however they require a context for this potential to be developed.  They have grown up in an environment of constant change, where they are committed to ongoing learning as a part of life.  When it comes to work, Gen Z value personal growth and development, learning transferable skills that they will be able to continue to apply to new job roles and contexts as they emerge.  Linking their motivations and skills to the overall mission, purpose and goals of the organisation can help Gen Z grow and develop whilst reaching your organisational goals.  As the saying goes, the grass is greener where you water it.  If Gen Z are experiencing a culture and context for growth in your organisation, they are less likely to be looking to move on. 

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