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Hello Gen Z: Author Claire Madden on The Daily Edition

The new book by social researcher Claire Madden, Hello Gen Z: Engaging the Generation of Post-Millennials is being released later this month. Claire was interviewed on Channel 7’s Daily Edition about Hello Gen Z and some of the key reasons as to why Gen Z spend so much time on their phones. Behind the Screens of Gen Z Here are 5 key reasons that the research identified about why Gen Zs are glued to their phones: Emotional connection Connection to their social networks is almost as essential as oxygen for a Gen Z, and using phones is not just to achieve a practical function, but rather they have an emotional connection with their devices.  As a generation raised in an instant society, they are conditioned to providing and receiving immediate updates on the lives of people in their network, even if the news or update seems somewhat inconsequential. Social acceptance If a Gen Z is not active in the online space, they can feel like they will be out of the loop and excluded when it comes to offline conversations too. For Gen Z, communication is fluid and continual, with online communication seamlessly flowing on from any face to face interaction and vice versa – there is no real barrier or demarcation between online and offline. Affirmation and identity Having their identity tied into their activity on social media drives them to continue their engagement with the various platforms, particularly during their formative years where the hunger for social acceptance is a major driving force in their lives. Fear of missing out (FOMO) FOMO, the “Fear Of Missing Out”.  It’s a big deal.  The term has been coined to describe Gen Zs approach to [...]

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