Hello Gen Z: Author Claire Madden on The Daily Edition

The new book by social researcher Claire Madden, Hello Gen Z: Engaging the Generation of Post-Millennials is being released later this month. Claire was interviewed on Channel 7’s Daily Edition about Hello Gen Z and some of the key reasons as to why Gen Z spend so much time on their phones. Behind the Screens of Gen Z Here are 5 key reasons that the research identified about why Gen Zs are glued to their phones: Emotional connection Connection to their social networks is almost as essential as oxygen for a Gen Z, and using phones is not just to achieve a practical function, but rather they have an emotional connection with their devices.  As a generation raised in an instant society, they are conditioned to providing and receiving immediate updates on the lives of people in their network, even if the news or update seems somewhat inconsequential. Social acceptance If a Gen Z is not active in the online space, they can feel like they will be out of the loop and excluded when it comes to offline conversations too. For Gen Z, communication is fluid and continual, with online communication seamlessly flowing on from any face to face interaction and vice versa – there is no real barrier or demarcation between online and offline. Affirmation and identity Having their identity tied into their activity on social media drives them to continue their engagement with the various platforms, particularly during their formative years where the hunger for social acceptance is a major driving force in their lives. Fear of missing out (FOMO) FOMO, the “Fear Of Missing Out”.  It’s a big deal.  The term has been coined to describe Gen Zs approach to [...]

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Gen Z & Future Employability Skills

Generation Z & Future Employability Skills In the wave of computerisation, global connectivity and automation across our workforce, it’s estimated 40% of our jobs will be threatened by computerisation in the next 10-15 years.  The jobs which are more likely to be safe are those that require: High levels of creativity and problem solving High levels of social interaction and EQ High levels of dexterity*. These skills will be at a premium for Generation Z so are key areas to focus development on for Gen Z staff.  Soft skills such as face to face communication, interpersonal communication skills, conflict management skill will be of great value.  Gen Z will need to be lifelong learners, be agile and adaptive to changing job roles and tasks with increased automation, and be responsive to new markets. It is estimated that Gen Z will have 17 jobs across 5 different careers in their lifetime.  Gen Z will not be thinking ‘job for life’ - they will be thinking about job mobility rather than job security as they will need to continue to adapt to the changing external environment.  They will be looking to gain transferable skills that they can continue to build on as their career develops. Key skills for emerging generations to develop include: Creative thinking Problem solving Analytical skills Ability to ask the right questions Innovation & entrepreneurial thinking Communication skills. The future of work and the emerging generations is unpacked with interactive video sessions in the Generation Z Online Masterclass at www.genzmasterclass.com. To enquire about Claire Madden speaking at your next event, please get in touch, email info@clairemadden.com. *Sources: CEDA, Australia’s Future Workforce? http://www.ceda.com.au/research-and-policy/policy-priorities/workforce

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CommBank Connected Future Report | Claire Madden

Is the Aussie Property Dream Still a Reality? As a demographer and social researcher, Claire Madden from Hello Clarity, was commissioned by The Commonwealth Bank of Australia to author the CommBank Connected Future Report. The research measured Australian's optimism across a range of areas; including if Australian businesses are ready to face the future, if our kids' have the skills they will need for tomorrow, and if the Australian property dream is still alive and well. The report revealed that although traditional life markers such as the age people are getting married and having children have been delayed over the last few decades, the average age of a first home buyer has remained relatively consistent for the last two decades, hovering at 32 years of age. Whilst 48% of Aussie's believe that the Australian property dream is still a reality, for others it is clearly being redefined. Whilst the Baby Boomers were looking for the quarter acre block with a stand-alone home, as Gen Y are entering the property market, it is likely to be smaller block sizes and an increase in units and apartments. However the report shows that the Aussie dream remains high on the aspiration list, with today's property buyers overcoming obstacles and responding to new realities to find a way to keep the re-defined dream alive. Hello Clarity is a research based strategy and communications agency. As a demographer, Claire is commissioned by some of Australia’s largest companies and leading brands to interpret the changing landscape and communicate the implications for business and society.  To get in touch, or to invite Claire to speak at your upcoming event or conference, please get in touch or email hello@helloclarity.com.au.

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Working from home… is it more productive? Sky News Business | Claire Madden

The working from home trend: Improved technology, increased connectivity, faster broadband and cloud based apps have redefined work for Australians, with many now opting for a new flexi-work life with more time spent working from home.  But how does this impact productivity?  Research released by Telsyte reveals that 84% of businesses now have systems in place to allow staff to work from home, with 56% of these saying they do so because it increases productivity. Carson Scott interviewed Claire Madden and Amber Chandler on Sky News Business to discuss the working from home trends, what this looks like for the Millennials (Gen Ys), and what the legal implications are for workplaces.  Click here to view the full interview.   About Claire Madden: Claire Madden is a social researcher and keynote presenter, in demand for her ability to understand the changing times and communicate the engagement styles of the emerging generations.  To enquire about Claire presenting at your next event or conference, please get in touch.

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Keys to Attract, Engage & Retain Generation Z at Work

Generation Z are not only the students of today, but are increasingly entering the workforce, so knowing how to attract, engage and retain top talent in this emerging generation is essential.  Engaging with a generation who have had their formative years shaped among rapidly changing technologies, global communication platforms and in an entertainment saturated environment has shaped their approach and perspective towards work.   Keys to Attract, Engage & Retain Gen Z at Work: Here are keys that will help organisations and employers to attract engage and retain Gen Z:  Attract with STORY - what is your brand story or your employer value proposition?  In order to attract Gen Z to the workforce, the brand story of your company must be clear and enticing. Gen Z will be attracted to a cause they can invest in, and so it is important to communicate the ‘why’ of your organisation, and it is important to do so succinctly. The ‘why’ will include factors such as the core purpose, vision, mission, and values of the organisation. Engage with CULTURE - You create employee engagement through shaping your culture.  Culture is invisible yet incredibly powerful, and is largely shaped by your organisations values.  Gen Zs are looking for a workplace community.  A place where they feel a sense of belonging, a culture which is relational, a role that has variety and where the leadership is empowering.   Retain through DEVELOPMENT - Gen Z have been told from the youngest age that they are full of potential, however they require a context for this potential to be developed.  They have grown up in an environment of constant change, where they are committed to ongoing learning as a part of life. [...]

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5 Keys to Cut-Through

Here are five easy ways to help your brand grab attention and inspire action. Today's Context We are living in an era of information saturation. The key challenge for organisations of all sizes, is for their communications to cut-through all of the noise, and inspire action in their customers, staff and partners. This white paper explores five key lessons to achieve cutthrough, sourced from my interaction with leading organisations that consistently do this well. The new normal: Globally, on a daily basis, we are: Seeking information through 6 billion Google searches Communicating through 4.3 billion Facebook messages and 500 million Tweets Uploading 4 million hours of content to Youtube. From the moment we wake, we are scrolling social media platforms, receiving push notifications interrupting our momentary focus from the 2 million apps we can access on our smartphones. An incomprehensible amount of content is consistently being generated online by the global community. We’re living in an exciting era, unprecedented in the opportunities we have to connect and communicate with a global network of customers, consumers and even co-workers. The way we access information is dynamic, intuitive, seemingly organic, and from multiple channels somewhat seamlessly. From the more traditional approaches marketers have gained our precious attention (from television ads to radio, billboards and print media), to apps, social media platforms, websites, blogs and other community generated content, to Google algorithms guiding our content consuming path. It can feel that we are bombarded with information and messaging from the moment we wake til when we put our devices down to catch some sleep. Getting Cut-through At Hello Clarity we have written a free white paper on how to achieve cut through and how you can get the [...]

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GEN Z AT WORK | Claire Madden on Sky News

Click here to watch the interview. Generation Z at Work: Generation Z (born 1995-2009) make up approximately 18% of our population, just under 1 in 10 in the workplace, but by 2025 will make up 31% of our workforce. Claire Madden was interviewed by Nadine Blayney on the Switzer program on Sky News to discuss how we can best prepare for the emergence of this new generation as employees.  Gen Z are the most technologically savvy, globally connected, socially networked generation in history.  As one Gen Z explained in a recent interview, when you wake up in the morning, the most normal first thing is to check your notifications – “naturally your hand goes to your phone and you’ll open a social media app, it’s almost muscle memory”. The digital technologies and global communication platforms so readily accessible in today's society have undoubtedly been a tool which has assisted the unprecedented breadth of connections, facilitated over social media platforms and other apps that enable efficient and convenient communication.  But as a Gen Z stated in an in-depth interview, “it creates the weird contradiction – you’re more connected and globally you’ve never been able to access more people or communicate with more people, but it’s affected face to face contact – even when you’re with someone, if it gets a bit boring or the conversation trails off you might get on your phone”. In this interview, Claire unpacks some of the implications of this technologically savvy generation entering the workforce and keys to building multigenerational teams. About Claire Madden: Claire Madden is a keynote presenter, in demand for her ability to understand and communicate the engagement styles of the emerging generations, particularly Generation Z.  To enquire about [...]

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